Team Work, the ‘Force’ behind Don’t Memorise

“The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together”

Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi

Team Work

In celebrating ‘Star Wars Day’ we would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the ‘Force’ that gives ‘Don’t Memorise’ its power – our team! The brains behind all the content in our videos is Ganesh P. Ganesh, by profession an engineer, is an experienced online tutor – his real interest lies in creating learner centric ‘lessons’ through technology!

Our technical and creative team members work their magic with Ganesh’s content. Ganesh J, Rahul, Pratik and Akash love trying out new software and work diligently to ensure a visual experience that uses the most cutting edge technology! Complementing the work that they do we have the incredibly talented husband and wife duo – Zeedee and Shabia. Zeedee is the voice behind more than a thousand videos. She works tirelessly through voice over after voice over, often into the wee hours of the morning while we are all still sleeping…even Shabia! Shabia, with his passion for experimenting with music composes the scores that you hear in all our videos.

We also have Shirley, our in house artist who has sketched many of the images you see in our videos. Their combined talent is what brings ‘learning to life’ in our captivating videos!

So who reaches out to our community?

Keya runs the editorial for our blog, as well as interacts with our Facebook friends! Having left the corporate sector Keya has free-lanced as an English Language trainer, both privately and with NGOs.  She is currently writing her thesis in the implementation of alternative learning styles, which is her passion.

We also have two lovely interns as part of our team. Samira, who enjoys helping students solve their queries, interacts on various sites on our behalf. Samyukta uses her cryptic mind to think up questions for our upcoming quizzes. The challenge lies not only in answering questions but also in creating them! is masterfully built and continuously developed by Bas. Bas, with his specialist expertise has designed an innovative User Interface for what would otherwise be a dull educational website.

Finally, what is any great team without a mentor? Yes, we do have our very own ‘Grand Jedi Master’, who guides, advises and inspires us! The collective contribution of all our team members is the energy field that drives our mission – ‘Don’t Memorise, Know More!’ May the Force be with you!

Don't Memorise

8 thoughts on “Team Work, the ‘Force’ behind Don’t Memorise

  1. For me this is called
    Padhega India tabhi to badega India…
    and with this dignity as you are spreading knowledge ………..
    Its just a speechless
    and hats off to all you guys……
    beacuse no one is doing this much effort for anything without any self interest….
    So keep on guys we are always with you..
    and big thanks from my side for your effort
    Everything is really very helpful…..
    Before this i was just scared with quant section but after watching your videos and learning them this is my favt. Section……
    and i enjoy it..
    because when basic is clear i can solve any question dosnt matter which exam it is….
    So thank you again……..


    1. Thank you for your feedback Prashant. We are so happy that you love Quant now. We will be uploading many more videos and courses. Make sure you are subscribed to our website and our YouTube channel 🙂


  2. Ganesh Sir ! your work is an inspiration for all. Dont Memorize Team is just awesome.You are the torch bearers of quality education and especially of Mathematics.


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