Don’t Memorise, Know More!

Contemporary learning is not just about ‘knowing things’ but about ‘knowing more’!

So here’s what Don’t Memorise is all about:

We are passionate about creating captivating educational videos that are freely accessible to all.

With our ‘Don’t Memorise, Know More!’ philosophy the learner always remains at the very heart of what we do. We relate theory to real life using a simple story format for better understanding. Taking into consideration the average concentration levels of learners all our videos are bite sized. These are just a few of the ways that make our videos learner centric!

Don’t Memorise can be used by students to review concepts, parents to refresh their knowledge and even teachers who ‘flip’ their classrooms. Right now we have an online library of around 1300 videos, regularly accessed by individuals in North America, Australia and Asia. We are working on adding many more videos in the coming months!

We look forward to sharing our journey and experiences with you here.